The Medical Assistant Personality

Medical Assistant – Personal Attributes for Success

A medical assistant career is one of the fastest growing medical related careers today.  It is a stable career in spite of an unsteady economy, has great potential for career growth, and an excellent salary range.  It is the type of career that can give a feeling of pride in doing community service and caring for people who are in need of help. For the right person, this career can be a vocation and not just another job.

It has been said that only 10% of the working population is in a career that they enjoy.  The other 90% are in careers that that they hate.  The reason is that they are in careers that do not accentuate their assets and positive personality traits.  So if you are considering a career as a medical assistant, you should try to make sure that you have the personal attributes that will fit the demands of the job so that you do not join the 90% of the populations that hate their jobs.

Do You Have What it Takes To Have a Successful and Enjoyable Career as a Medical Assistant?

The medical assistant profession is considered to be a demanding profession.   It requires a wide range of practical and theoretical skills, good decision-making abilities, and good communication skills.  Medical assistants need to be able to work in harmony with doctors, nurses, and patients. They need to use a combination of professional skills and kind behavior when they will interact with the patients and the medical staff

The Medical Assistant is an Integral Part of the Team

A medical assistant is an integral part of the medical team and needs to be reliable, dependable, and thorough. This means keeping absence from work to a minimum and being on time.  A medical assistant needs to be able to work long hours on their feet. This is especially true during the seasons when there are a lot of people getting sick.  A medical assistant needs to be able to take initiative which means observing situations and work that needs to be completed and then taking action to complete the work without being told what to do.

Medical Assistants need to be organized, well disciplined and able to handle multiple tasks at one time.  They need to have the ability to work in stressful work environments or an unpredictable work settings.  They need to be able to work in different settings like managing the front desk operations, or in the back offices where they take measurements of vital signs such as pulse rate, temperature and blood pressure recordings.  The medical assistant cannot be squeamish at the sight of blood, guts and bowel movements.

Medical assistants must be able to act in an ethical manner. They must understand the importance of privacy. They need to be loyal to their employer but should be able to recognize the thin line between following an employer or physicians orders to perform interventions that may cause harm to the patient.  Medical Assistants need to practice candor or honesty and be able to admit mistakes.

Working with Patients

Medical assistants require a good temperament for helping people who visit doctors offices or healthcare facilities.  They need to be clean and well groomed, polite, pleasant and approachable.    Warmth, compassion and empathy are 3 very important traits for the medical assistant to have. Patients look for someone to listen to them and respond in agreement with what they are saying.  A medical assistant needs to be able to understand the feelings of the patient’s and put them at ease.  Having a sense of humor is another great trait to have. It also helps to put patients at ease.

The medical assistant needs to be patient and tolerant no matter what the situation. Some patients can be difficult and there may be times when the medical assistant does not feel appreciated.  They must have the ability to remain calm when the patient and the family is in a panic. They should not become impatient and snappy and be easily rattled.  They need to have the ability to avoid personal and emotional attachments to the patient’s.

Now You Know What it Takes to Be a Medical Assistant

So now that you know that you have the personality traits that will be an asset to the medical assistant career what should you do?

First you should continue your inquiries and find how to get started.  One of the best ways to get started is to take an online training course and prepare for the medical assistant certification examination.

Next, you should determine the type of medical practice that you want to work in and start looking for medical assistant positions that are open.

Next, you should write down the positive traits and assets that accentuate your ability to be a successful Medical Assistant.   This information will be useful to you when you are interviewing for a position, especially if you are starting out with no experience.

Lastly, you should start looking for a position as a medical assistant today!

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